Throughout the year, over 300 volunteers – 75 of them individuals with a regular shift here at Worcester County Food Bank – give of their time and talent. Witnessing firsthand their commitment, their passion, is inspiring.

Some of our volunteers have lived experience or have friends or family members who’ve struggled with hunger. Others give out of a profound sense of gratitude for their good fortune. Some devote their one day off each week to sorting and inspecting food in the WCFB warehouse. Others spend their retirement in service to neighbors, volunteering for a network food pantry or community meal program. Each plays a unique and important role in helping to ensure enough, nourishing food reaches those who need it here in Worcester County.

This month, we marked National Volunteer Week: a celebration of those whose contributions enable non-profits like ours to fulfill their mission. But it’s not just this one week each year that we see you, that we notice your contributions, that we’re profoundly grateful for the way you care.

I was struck recently by the words of Deborah, a WCFB volunteer who noted she gives because, “I truly believe that everyone should be really cared for…because they live in a community.”

To those WCFB and Partner Agency volunteers who share that simple, simply profound belief that we’re all in this together: We thank you for being a part of this community.

Jean G. McMurray
Executive Director
Worcester County Food Bank

  1. April 30, 2018

    Nutrition matters a lot and shouldn’t,go unnoticed because there are a lot of people in this state and all over the world whodon,t get enough to eat and go hungry because of lack of food.
    People shouldn’t,t be turned away and be given food to eat and or have enough food at home both in their refrigerator and or cupboards and shouldn’t, be told No there isn’t,t enough for you.
    People including the Homeless should be taken in account with the rest of our
    Nation who need food to eat to survive rather than getting sick,dying or ending up in the hospital and having to end up being taken cared for by the staff from not getting the food they need to live.
    Nobody should be made to go without food and should be treated like a human being and not be turned away.
    Nutrition is important for everybody in our state and Overseas.
    Please if people could seriously recognize the need to meet the needs to make sure people are taken cared for7 days a week.

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