Download Our Strategic Plan Flyer

Worcester County Food Bank (WCFB) believes that hunger is an issue of social justice, that access to healthy food is a fundamental right, and that we need to work together from within the community to end hunger.

Through the course of many months in 2016 and 2017, WCFB engaged key stakeholders and created a strategic plan. Our strategic goal is to provide 11.8 million meals annually through food distribution and federal nutrition programs by FY2020. We will strive to meet this goal of providing access to 11.8 million meals through four strategic goal areas:

Food Distribution and Partner Agency Support

  • Increase food acquisition and distribution by 3% annually. By FY2020, we will provide 5.8 million meals annually.
  • Increase Partner Agency trainings, resources and support.
  • Explore expanding Partner Agency access to food.
  • Launch a “listening tour” to hear from people seeking food assistance.
  • Work with Partner Agencies to establish client-centered standards.

Federal Nutrition Programs

  • Expand participation in school and summer meal programs.
  • Connect eligible households to SNAP benefits.
  • Expand participation in Breakfast in the Classroom programs.
  • Advocate for the protection and increased efficiency of Federal Nutrition Programs.

Advocacy and Movement Building

  • Increase economic opportunity and advocate for healthy food systems.
  • Address systemic causes of hunger and the related outcomes of limited access to healthy food.
  • Build the advocacy capacity of our staff, Board of Directors, Partner Agencies, volunteers, community partners, donors and people seeking food assistance.

Investing in Organizational Excellence

  • Value and invest in WCFB staff.
  • Build a diverse and inclusive organization.
  • Invest in our infrastructure.
  • Grow revenue from individuals and institutions.
  • Increase opportunities for WCFB to be more visible in the community.