Have you ever wondered how the food we collect makes its way to neighbors who need it?

Food banks like WCFB collect and distribute donated food to a network of local food pantries and community meal programs (in our case, 120 of them across Worcester County) that people struggling with hunger then turn to for support. We ensure that a diverse array of carefully-inspected products reaches those Partner Agencies and that food donations are distributed equitably across Worcester County. To do that, we work closely with the volunteers who keep Partner pantries and community meal programs running, who provide donated food products directly to people who need it.

Over the coming months, we look forward to elevating Partner Agency stories both in our e-newsletter, Nourishment, and on social media, to sharing the ways Partner Agencies are making a difference, and to showcasing the many ways you can be involved in efforts to support, and empower, those struggling with hunger in your own neighborhood.

A Partner Agency with a story to share? A volunteer need to fill? Let us know. 

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