The holiday season – the time when some of our neighbors enjoy days off, parties, festive meals and gift-giving with family and friends – can be especially challenging (and downright stressful) for others of us struggling to make ends meet. The temptation for parents to skip meals in order to afford a Christmas present for a child (or heat for our homes, or electricity, or food for our families!) is real.

Fortunately, resources like the Worcester County Food Bank and its network of 120 Partner Agencies – local food pantries and community meal programs – exist. And, fortunately, it’s “the giving season,” that period of a couple of months each year when the National Center for Charitable Statistics reports a surge in non-profit giving. In fact, most non-profits report between 40-50% of donations for the year are received in November and December, and the Worcester County Food Bank is no exception: The giving season really matters to WCFB, its Partner Agencies, and people struggling with hunger.

But while many lower-income Americans desire to pay bills on time/in full/at all, to prepare (and enjoy) regular meals with family and friends, the fact remains: Come spring, come summer, while some of us will find ourselves in changed circumstances, 1 in 10 of us in Worcester County will still struggle with hunger and others will find themselves newly facing hunger due to a recently-lost job or an unexpected medical expense.

In other words, giving to WCFB is still important come spring and summer, when neighbors continue to struggle with hunger but when fewer gifts are received.

Here, then, are two things you can do to ensure neighbors receive the help they need throughout the year:

  • Give at the holidays – and give again in the spring and/or summer. Even if you can’t give as much as you did in December, it’s ok. Give what you can. It’s still so important.
  • Join our monthly giving program. Monthly giving ensures WCFB will be able to lend consistent support to Partner Agencies (and the people who visit them) throughout the year.

Kindness and compassion aren’t seasonal virtues. May our giving reflect that!

Here’s where you click to give funds and/or food throughout the year.

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