Our schools are important for reasons beyond the education they provide our children. For 1 in 8 kids in Worcester County, they are a link to consistent, balanced meals for those who don’t always have them at home. We know that when schools break for summer, kids grapple with hunger and parents go without in order to feed their children. Hunger doesn’t take a summer vacation.

This summer, our network of Partner Agencies – food pantries and community meal programs across the region – will serve children who, today, had something to eat in a classroom or cafeteria. We work to reach children with the nourishing food they need to thrive when school’s out (and, indeed, whenever families could use the support).

Plus, we aspire to end hunger for future generations. To do this requires a commitment to addressing the root causes of hunger. It requires a commitment to advocacy.

In the latest issue of Nourishment, you’ll read about one inspiring example of advocacy at work: a campaign devoted to increasing support for Breakfast After the Bell legislation in which Worcester County school children offered powerful testimony. They challenge each of us to find our place and our passion in this movement, to continue to work together to create a hunger-free community.

I look forward to continuing to work with you toward a just, healthy, and food-secure future!

In gratitude,

Jean G. McMurray
Executive Director
Worcester County Food Bank

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