On Hunger Action Day, September 13, Worcester County Food Bank (WCFB) will light the Burns Bridge orange: a color often associated with the anti-hunger movement. Said WCFB’s Executive Director, Jean McMurray, “For those who drive over the bridge that night, or see it in the distance, we hope it’s a point of reflection: What can you do to help create a hunger-free community?”

Last year, 81,000 people across Worcester County visited a pantry or community meal program in the WCFB network. That’s enough to fill Fenway Park over two times. Said McMurray, “If even one of our neighbors struggled with hunger, that would be one too many. Hunger is a solvable problem, and we’re committed to working with others across the county to solve it. We and our Partner Agencies distributed the equivalent of 5.4 million meals last year, but we know donated food alone won’t solve hunger.”

WCFB joins anti-hunger organizations across the country seizing upon the month-long observance of Hunger Action Month each September to further elevate a conversation about hunger and opportunities to help. “The truth is, we’re always talking about hunger. But right now, so are many others in our community. That’s important momentum to build from,” said McMurray.

WCFB is among a growing number of food banks nationwide working to address the root causes of hunger through advocacy. “Sound public policy can help eliminate barriers people face when trying to eat enough, healthy food,” said WCFB’s Director of Advocacy, Liz Sheehan Castro. “We’re at the forefront of growing support for policies and programs geared toward improving food access… SNAP, the Healthy Incentives Program, school meals.”

WCFB invites participation in Hunger Action Month, encouraging community members to get involved across four broad categories: education, advocacy, giving of food and funds, and volunteerism.

“There are small but significant ways to contribute: from sharing your story or hunger facts on social media, to holding an office food or fund drive, to donating your coffee money for the week, to volunteering for your local food pantry,” said WCFB’s Director of Communications & Development, Joni Kusminsky. “The bottom line is: Ending hunger involves collective action, so let’s act together.”

For more on Hunger Action Month, see WCFB’s social media or visit foodbank.org.

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