Hunger Action Month might be drawing to a close, but we know ending hunger involves an all-year-long, for-as-long-as-it-takes commitment. We’re committed, and we hope you are, too. Here are four simple ways you can take hunger action any time.

Not just during Hunger Action Month: Inform & inspire.

Share some hunger facts on social media. Check out our infographic for a few you can use. Or… ever received SNAP benefits, been faced with the choice to “heat or eat,” visited a food pantry, volunteered at one, donated to WCFB, or otherwise been impacted by the problem of hunger? Tell your story. Use this link or tag WCFB on social media.

Not just during Hunger Action Month: Raise your voice.

Sign up for Advocacy Action Alerts from WCFB. We’ll send you an e-mail (typically not more than two or three times per month) when there’s a letter to write or a call to make around policies and programs that matter.

Not just during Hunger Action Month: Give food, give funds.

Stop by your local pantry with a bag of groceries. Stage an office food drive to support WCFB. Donate funds. You can do it online right here. Encourage friends and family to give what they can. For every $1 received, we’re able to distribute $4 worth of donated food to neighbors.

Not just during Hunger Action Month: Give time.

Learn more about volunteering at WCFB or with WCFB Partner Agencies: local pantries, community meal programs, and shelters across the region that partner with us to provide food to those who need it. *** There’s a brand new opportunity listed on our Volunteer Page now. ***

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