If ever there is a time when “hunger” is at the forefront of our community’s conscience, it’s during the months of November and December. Big, festive, family meals cause us to think more seriously about neighbors who struggle to put food – any food – on the table. So it’s no surprise that the holiday season is peak time for donations of food and funds to anti-hunger organizations like ours.

That’s fortunate. The winter can, indeed, be a tough time for neighbors making a choice to “heat or eat.” But hunger itself is a year-round challenge for too many in our community – and ending hunger requires year-round commitment on the part of compassionate people like you.

Whether you’re in the process of learning more about the issues, or whether you’re actively engaged in donating food or funds, volunteering at your local food pantry, or participating in legislative advocacy, I hope your efforts continue well into the New Year. You are needed.

At Worcester County Food Bank, we take this time, this season of reflection and resolutions, to recommit. We recommit to doing our part to engage, educate, and lead Worcester County in creating a hunger-free community. We will be here, year-round, for as long as it takes.

We hope you’ll join us.

Follow #NewYearsEat on our social media throughout the month of January as we challenge our community to resolve to end hunger.

  1. December 28, 2018

    Jean, well said. Thank you for all you and your colleagues do all year long to help end hunger in Worcester County. We are all neighbors and neighbors help each other in times of need.

    Sincerely, Rob Pulda

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