Jean G. McMurray, Executive Director of Worcester County Food Bank.

There’s no good time to face hunger – but winter can be especially difficult for far too many of our neighbors.

Those of us in the anti-hunger movement know it all too well: We’ve heard the stories and encountered the people hunger impacts – the senior who skips a visit to his doctor to afford meals for the week, the mom who’s had to decide between paying for utilities or food for her family…

“Heat or eat?”   

Both are important.

And so, at Worcester County Food Bank (WCFB), we remain committed to providing food for right now to neighbors in need, while also working to address the underlying causes of hunger through our advocacy efforts. We’re pushing for policy change, encouraging people who have experienced hunger to tell their stories, to speak up and speak out. We’re eager to amplify their voices wherever we can.

In our latest e-newsletter, Nourishment, we’re featuring the story of a dad confronted with the choice to “heat or eat.” We’re highlighting a WCFB Partner Agency in Milford committed to helping families through the worst of winter. And we’re introducing you to a young man from Clinton whose leadership is benefiting neighbors struggling with hunger.

We hope you enjoy – and we hope, if you have a story or a suggestion for a future edition of Nourishment – that you take a minute to share it with us. We’d love to hear from you.


Jean G. McMurray, Executive Director

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