Late last week, a deal was reached to temporarily reopen the federal government following a record 35-day shutdown. It was welcome news, yet there’s no denying the lingering effects. Such as? These.

We’re staying attuned to the latest developments and ready to continue to lend our support to federal employees and anyone in our community struggling to put food on the table.

Here are three things you can do now (and always) to help neighbors find food:

  • Spread the word: Your local pantry or community meal program is a resource for neighbors struggling with hunger. Need help finding yours? Check out the Agency Locator at
  • Give funds: Support Worcester County Food Bank (WCFB) or your local food pantry. $1 enables WCFB to distribute $4 worth of donated food, helping keep pantry shelves stocked with good food.
  • Give food: Learn more about what’s most in need now, or find information about organizing your own food drive on our website.


Bonus action: Sign up for Advocacy Action Alerts. We’ll e-mail you when there’s a call to make or a note to write to your legislators about some issue impacting hunger in our community. You’ll generally only hear from us a couple of times each month, and Advocacy Action Alerts are a great way to stay informed about (and active in) efforts to end hunger! 

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