Advocacy. Speaking up about something important to you. Encouraging others to do the same. It can take on many forms: from writing a letter or making a phone call to a Congressperson, to sharing a call to action on social media, to attending a rally, to telling your own story about the ways hunger has impacted you or someone you love.

Here at Worcester County Food Bank (WCFB), we have a whole department devoted to advocacy. It’s that important. We know donated food alone won’t solve hunger, so we advocate for systemic, sustainable solutions: policies and programs that help alleviate hunger or eliminate it altogether.

Moving the dial forward toward a hunger-free community will take a lot of collective effort. Still, I often hear it said…

“I can’t advocate. I’m too young/old/shy…” You can. Advocates are real people. Come as you are. Find the vehicle for your advocacy that works best for you. Maybe you won’t be somebody who attends a rally. Maybe you’ll be somebody who writes a letter instead. It’s ok.

“I can’t advocate. I don’t really understand the legislative process.” You can. You understand your commitment to ending hunger. That’s what matters most.

“I can’t advocate. I’m afraid to say the wrong things.” You can. We can help. If you sign up for WCFB’s Advocacy Action Alerts, we’ll share targeted calls to action – and talking points – to help you feel more confident speaking up.

Even if you find advocacy a little intimidating, that doesn’t make it less necessary. So I hope you’ll join us. I hope you’ll join your voice to those of others advocating for an end to hunger. Everyone can be an advocate. Everyone has a place in the movement toward a hunger-free community – including you.

Kind regards,

Jean G. McMurray
Executive Director

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