Restauranteur, Jay Chung, had an idea: Feed neighbors in need one meal, one dollar, at a time.

The owner of Sapporo Korean Barbeque & Sushi in Westborough and its sister restaurant, Seoul Kitchen, in Westford, was inspired by his experiences volunteering in a local soup kitchen. “I saw they had plenty of volunteers but lacked financial resources,” said Chung. So he launched a “buy one, give one” program at his restaurants. Patrons could select an item designated “Eat To Give” on the menu, and $1 would be donated to local anti-hunger organizations, including Worcester County Food Bank.

The idea was simple – and scalable. To inspire other restaurateurs to follow suit, Chung launched his non-profit, Eat To Give, in 2018. He’s since engaged an additional seven restaurants to designate at least one “Eat to Give” item on their menus: Arturo’s Ristorante and Civic Kitchen in Westborough, Volturno locations in Worcester and Framingham, Peppercorn’s Grille & Tavern in Worcester, and Prezo Grille & Bar in Milford.

Said Chung, “I firmly believe that every successful business has a duty to give back to its community and especially to those in need. The restaurant industry is a very tough, labor intensive and low margin industry. It’s easy for restaurant owners to think that their success was solely through their own hard work and sacrifice. However, in addition to personal hard work, restaurants are successful because communities support them. Business owners can’t forget about those in need in our community. We have to give back.”

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