Dear advocates,

Phoning your legislators in support of Breakfast After the Bell (S.2441)? Here are some helpful talking points and a script you can use.


Breakfast After the Bell – July 2018 Talking Points from Rise and Shine Massachusetts

• 1 in 8 kids in Massachusetts lives in a food-insecure household.

• Nearly 300,000 kids in low-income schools are eligible for free and reduced-price breakfast, but only half participate. This gap persists because many students face barriers to access, including stigma, late buses, and busy morning schedules.

• Hungry children can’t concentrate, miss more class time due to absences and nurse visits, and have lower test scores. We should make sure every student has the nutrition they need to succeed.

• Nearly 650 high-poverty schools would be required to expand breakfast service models after the bell because of this legislation (nearly 200 schools are already operating a Breakfast After the Bell program).

• Massachusetts schools are leaving up to $30 million in federal reimbursements on the table by not maximizing school breakfast participation.

• Capitalizing on this federal revenue stream allows schools to invest in our students and our economy, creating full and part-time school nutrition jobs while feeding hungry kids.

• By passing An Act Regarding Breakfast After the Bell, the Legislature can ensure that every child in the Commonwealth begins their day fed and ready to learn.

• S.2441 bill “An Act Regarding Breakfast After the Bell,” is now pending review in the Senate Ways and Means committee. We are asking the Committee to report the bill out favorably ASAP and move the legislation to the Senate floor to be voted.

• We have until July 31, 2018, to pass S.2441 before this legislative session ends.


Script – 

Hello Senator ______ / STAFFER NAME,

My name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a constituent from [TOWN]. I am contacting you today about Breakfast After the Bell legislation, S.2441, which is pending review by the Senate Committee on Ways and Means.

In Massachusetts, 1 out of 8 kids is at risk of hunger. This legislation could help change that. The time to pass this bill is now. Our children are our future and they cannot afford to wait any longer.
Share a personal story about hunger if you feel comfortable.

There is overwhelming support for this bill in both chambers and we need the Committee to move on this legislation quickly, so our students can start every school day fed and ready to learn. (If your Senator is on Senate Ways & Means, ask them to help move this bill favorably out of their committee. If your Senator is not, have them urge Ways & Means Chairwoman Spilka, to act on this legislation swiftly.)

Thank you for your time.

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