Mormino and colleagues from Stop & Shop bring the “Turkey Express” to WCFB.

“We know hunger is a problem in every community – and, as a grocer, we have a unique opportunity to help. We’re in the business of food,” said Thomas Mormino, District Director of Stop & Shop.

Stop & Shop – with over 400 stores in the northeast – has been a long-time champion of Worcester County Food Bank (WCFB), among a host of anti-hunger organizations it supports. Last year alone, it donated $17M in funds and food to food banks across the region, including WCFB.

Said WCFB Executive Director, Jean McMurray, “Stop & Shop understands that hunger is a year-round challenge for so many of our neighbors. The support we see from Stop & Shop certainly isn’t limited to the holiday season either, but it is especially appreciated at a time of year when family meals and celebrations are top of mind.”

This fall, the grocer donated 1,000 turkeys to WCFB as part of its “Turkey Express” program. The donation represented a portion of the more than 22,000 turkeys Stop & Shop donated to families across New England this holiday season.

“We say, ‘Better food, better lives,’” said Mormino. “For us, it isn’t about just any food. It’s about enabling our community to eat healthy…to access healthy food. We’re aligned with the Food Bank in that way: We understand that good food is central to so many things, including our health.”

Learn more about Stop & Shop’s charitable contributions here.

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