The latest issue of our e-newsletter, Nourishment, features the stories of local young people making important contributions in the movement to create a hunger-free community. I hope you feel as inspired as I do after reading them: inspired to share an idea, to speak up, to tell a friend why ending hunger matters to you, to do something (and encourage at least one person close to you to do something) to make a difference.

We could all learn from these young people.

Their stories show that every contribution of time and talent, food and funds – however small – is wonderfully significant. Our contributions join with others to drive change.

Their stories show that there is a place for everyone in this movement. We are people of different ages, races, religions, politics – and our common commitment to ending hunger brings us together in powerful ways.

Their stories are just a few of the many we could tell to demonstrate that Worcester County cares.

So, on behalf of all of us at Worcester County Food Bank, thank you. Thank you for caring. It all adds up to a stronger, healthier community – and it matters so deeply to us and to our neighbors struggling with hunger.

– Jean G. McMurray, Executive Director

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