Worcester County Food Bank (WCFB) partners with food pantries, community meal programs and shelters to feed thousands of children, adults, and elders who are struggling with food insecurity in Worcester County. WCFB serves as an advocate for agencies providing hunger-relief services by collecting, inspecting, and storing donated food and grocery product which is then distributed through a network of 120 Partner Agencies. In addition to distributing donated food, WCFB requires food safety training that features a curriculum designed for Partner Agencies by a registered dietitian that incorporates dates, transportation, storage, sanitation, food labels, and time and temperatures.

The majority of WCFB’s Partner Agencies are faith-based organizations managed by volunteers. No two Partner Agencies are exactly alike, but what they have in common is their commitment and compassion for helping their neighbors in need. They are leaders in their communities and the local experts on the problem of hunger. They serve on the front-lines of food assistance, ensuring that good food gets to the people who need it. And they inspire others to get involved in helping their community. For individual agency contact info, visit our Agency Locator.

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